Imagine Art lends beauty to life. It is the vent for endless imagination, creativity, aspirations and interpretation; all transforming into a beautiful form. Being artistic is inherent, but indulging in art activities depends on your willingness and interest level. Arts activities can be an outlet for the mundane day-to-day tasks. The perfect stress-relieving activity to flush out all negativity. You can choose which art form you would like to practice among loads of options, which are all equally beautiful and satisfying. Art classes provide the perfect pathway to learn something new in a structured, dedicated and channelized format. The experienced teachers or instructors will identify your weak and strong points, while at the same time will help you learn the art form in a faster and effective manner.

Due to important passion of Art, The Joglo open the opportunity to have a Draw & Coloring Class special for the kids. Do not miss the time for your kids to join with our Painting Class.

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